8 Week Challenges 

My 8 Week Challenges are hands down my most favorite offering! Find a healthy balance, crush goals outside your comfort zone, & find new confidence within yourself. My 8 Week Challenges begin & end at very specific dates. The dates can always be found on my Instagram post. These Challenges will include your daily workouts, along with my personal & recommended meal plan I use everyday to help me stay on track! It is $125 for the 8 Weeks calculating to only $2.23 a day!!! 

There are options available for vegans & vegetarians as well! It will include 5 workouts a week, including a 6th Optional Bonus Workout! The challenge is NOT just for those looking to lose weight & that’s all, it is for those who want to get into shape, tone up, & lose fat in those hard to reach places TOO!! My Total Body Program has helped others lose up to 54 lbs, & others toned their body enough to achieve abs!!! Training technique will be the same so I am welcoming ALL body types here! All clients will be connected via Facebook Group to show each other support & love, ask questions, share recipes, & more. Please be sure to turn on my post notification on Instagram to have a heads up when our sign ups start because we are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! The best part of the Challenge is the prizes! You can win your money back in prizes & more! 

Total Body Program 

My Total Body Program is a 30 day guide that includes your daily fitness routine. It also has 2 off days a week because you will surely need the rest! The days are broken into specific muscle groups to attain a tone up throughout the whole body while losing body fat. I include videos, pictures, sets, & reps in the guide that is sent to your email each week! You can also contact me via text, facetime, or anything 24-7 with any questions or concerns! It is $60 for the 30 days!

Total Body Program Round 2 

The Total Body Program Round 2 has the same set up as the First 30 days but becomes more difficult! These 30 days have all new workouts including new videos, photos, & more! Continue your fitness journey with me for another 30 days!

At Home Program

My 30 Day At Home Program is the perfect guide for those who aren’t ready to step into a gym setting, new mommy’s, & busy bee’s who can’t make it to the gym! These workouts are simple & can be done at home with no equipment! It will be sure to keep you in shape & ready to jump start your fitness journey. This program is $60.