Brooke Zelig

I started before my spring break trip to Cabo because I saw so many girls I know having drastic and amazing transformations. I really wanted to lose weight, tone up, and feel my best. Her workouts were challenging but SO rewarding and effective. I took progress photos every week and sent them to her and she’d keep me feeling proud, encouraged, and motivated to continue. It definitely wasn’t easy finishing all 8 weeks but I was so happy that I did and even managed to do the challenge day each week. Her routines taught me how to work muscles I never knew how to use, get in really great cardio shape, and actually look forward to working out everyday. I finished the 8 weeks down almost 10 lbs but more importantly feeling the best I ever had and getting a ton of compliments on how noticeable the changes were. I would recommend this program to everyone that wants to see results & love the way they look!! Thank you so much Jacklyn ❤️

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Kaelyn Molosso

After working a super active job for several years, I started a new job where I now sit at a desk for 8+ hours/day. I quickly gained weight and felt so sluggish and out of shape. Jacklyn’s 8 Week Challenge was the kickstart I needed to get back into a solid fitness routine and feel like myself again! Thanks to Jacklyn & her challenge, I lost 17lbs and feel so much healthier and stronger! Thank you Jacklyn for a wonderful program and the continuous motivation you provide! ✨

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Caitlin Nanos

I’ve never been comfortable in my own skin and my thoughts have always tormented me because of that. I had been following Jacklyn on social media and I had seen what other girls had been able to accomplish with her help. I thought to myself, “hey, maybe that could be me”. I kept making excuses for myself and that needed to stop. I contacted Jacklyn and signed up for one of her eight-week challenges. I’m not going to lie, it was hard at first. Sticking to a meal plan and getting to the gym every day was difficult, but Jacklyn made it so easy to following. She is always there to provide you with a kick in the butt when you need it. I just signed up for another one of her challenges, and it’s totally worth the money spent! Jacklyn has made a true impact in my life and I am forever grateful for that!

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Devon Raab

Jacklyn was so helpful during the 8 week challenge, she was so supportive and was always there if I had any questions. I would definitely recommend doing one of her workout challenges, she helped me stay motivated and get back on track with my health and fitness!

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Kelsey Welsh

Training with Jacklyn the past year has really changed the way I look at working out! I was always an athlete growing up and through college. It’s a huge adjustment from playing sports every single day for 21 years to working a full time job and wanting to also enjoy your adult life. I struggled with going to the gym and working out on my own because I got used to practicing in group classes. After going to Jacklyn’s boot camp summer of 2018 I felt so supported by Jacklyn! i decided to do her 8 week challenge as a restart and reset for the new year in 2019! I now feel confident on the free weight side of the gym and have seen some awesome results from her programs! I always love going to her bay side classes in the summer and i look forward to another challenge this winter!


Andrea Beckwith

This challenge seriously changed me. When I started I was feeling very self conscious and HATED going to the gym. Following the challenge, I not only had an amazing tone up and lost my stubborn belly fat, I also gained a huge amount of self confidence that I never had before. The workouts are amazing and the gym is part of my life now thanks to the Jacklyn Fit 8 Week Challenge! ❤️