Brooke Zelig

I started before my spring break trip to Cabo because I saw so many girls I know having drastic and amazing transformations. I really wanted to lose weight, tone up, and feel my best. Her workouts were challenging but SO rewarding and effective. I took progress photos every week and sent them to her and she’d keep me feeling proud, encouraged, and motivated to continue. It definitely wasn’t easy finishing all 8 weeks but I was so happy that I did and even managed to do the challenge day each week. Her routines taught me how to work muscles I never knew how to use, get in really great cardio shape, and actually look forward to working out everyday. I finished the 8 weeks down almost 10 lbs but more importantly feeling the best I ever had and getting a ton of compliments on how noticeable the changes were. I would recommend this program to everyone that wants to see results & love the way they look!! Thank you so much Jacklyn ❤️

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Kaelyn Molosso

After working a super active job for several years, I started a new job where I now sit at a desk for 8+ hours/day. I quickly gained weight and felt so sluggish and out of shape. Jacklyn’s 8 Week Challenge was the kickstart I needed to get back into a solid fitness routine and feel like myself again! Thanks to Jacklyn & her challenge, I lost 17lbs and feel so much healthier and stronger! Thank you Jacklyn for a wonderful program and the continuous motivation you provide! ✨

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Caitlin Nanos

I’ve never been comfortable in my own skin and my thoughts have always tormented me because of that. I had been following Jacklyn on social media and I had seen what other girls had been able to accomplish with her help. I thought to myself, “hey, maybe that could be me”. I kept making excuses for myself and that needed to stop. I contacted Jacklyn and signed up for one of her eight-week challenges. I’m not going to lie, it was hard at first. Sticking to a meal plan and getting to the gym every day was difficult, but Jacklyn made it so easy to following. She is always there to provide you with a kick in the butt when you need it. I just signed up for another one of her challenges, and it’s totally worth the money spent! Jacklyn has made a true impact in my life and I am forever grateful for that!


Colleen Dimarcantonio

Within the last two years I’ve had two major hip surgeries. I went from being a D1 athlete to a coach potato. After being cleared by doctors to return to exercise freely I was worried about starting a new program and being unable to do the exercises. After talking to Jacklyn a few times about her program and how much she is involved in helping her clients I decided to try it. LIFE CHANGING! Her program helped me gain the strength back in my body. I now feel confident in my ability to complete the workouts. I knew I always had Jacklyn’s guidance if i needed to alter an exercise. I am now able to do exercises I haven’t been able to do in almost two years and I can now do activities I couldn’t do before without pain. I lost 16 pounds in her 8 week challenge and got my hip back in shape. I can’t thank Jacklyn enough!


Britney Keyes

My experience with Jaclyn has been nothing but life changing. Before JacklynFIT I made up these excuses in my head on why I didn’t have time or the money to loose the weight. I would convince myself that I wasn’t confident enough or that I didn’t know what to do once I got to the gym. Once I started Jacklyn’s 8 week challenge all my excuses went away! I had Jacklyn and all of her clients who were participating in the challenge for support and to hold me accountable. Every day I knew exactly what I needed to be doing and what I needed to be eating. I was able to try workouts in the gym that I would never have tried before. I was actually excited to be in the gym everyday and made time to workout and meal prep. Jacklyn creates such a supportive network and sets you up for success from the start. If you don’t know where to start in your weight loss journey from small to large this is the best way to start.

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Devon Raab

Jacklyn was so helpful during the 8 week challenge, she was so supportive and was always there if I had any questions. I would definitely recommend doing one of her workout challenges, she helped me stay motivated and get back on track with my health and fitness!

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Katie Welsh

Training with Jacklyn the past year has really changed the way I look at working out! I was always an athlete growing up and through college. It’s a huge adjustment from playing sports every single day for 21 years to working a full time job and wanting to also enjoy your adult life. I struggled with going to the gym and working out on my own because I got used to practicing in group classes. After going to Jacklyn’s boot camp summer of 2018 I felt so supported by Jacklyn! i decided to do her 8 week challenge as a restart and reset for the new year in 2019! I now feel confident on the free weight side of the gym and have seen some awesome results from her programs! I always love going to her bay side classes in the summer and i look forward to another challenge this winter!


Andrea Beckwith

This challenge seriously changed me. When I started I was feeling very self conscious and HATED going to the gym. Following the challenge, I not only had an amazing tone up and lost my stubborn belly fat, I also gained a huge amount of self confidence that I never had before. The workouts are amazing and the gym is part of my life now thanks to the Jacklyn Fit 8 Week Challenge! ❤️

Georgie Decastro

The 8 week challenge was exactly what I needed to get my butt in gear! It was tough at times but so worth it! I always knew Jacklyn had my back and was there to answer any questions or offer support! I could not have asked for a better and sweeter coach! I never thought I’d be able to get to this point, and I can’t wait to continue! If I can do it, honestly anyone can with Jacklyn’s help!! If you’re hesitant about joining a challenge, just do it! Your health and happiness deserve it!


Andie Mckenna

My 8 Week Challenges are hands down my most favorite offering! Find a healthy balance, crush goals outside your comfort zone, & find new confidence within yourself. My 8 Week Challenges begin & end at very specific dates. The dates can always be found on my Instagram post. These Challenges will include your daily workouts, along with my personal & recommended meal plan I use everyday to help me stay on track! It is $125 for the 8 Weeks calculating to only $2.23 a day!!!

There are options available for vegans & vegetarians as well! It will include 5 workouts a week, including a 6th Optional Bonus Workout! The challenge is NOT just for those looking to lose weight & that’s all, it is for those who want to get into shape, tone up, & lose fat in those hard to reach places TOO!! My Total Body Program has helped others lose up to 54 lbs, & others toned their body enough to achieve abs!!! Training technique will be the same so I am welcoming ALL body types here! All clients will be connected via Facebook Group to show each other support & love, ask questions, share recipes, & more. Please be sure to turn on my post notification on Instagram to have a heads up when our sign ups start because we are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! The best part of the Challenge is the prizes! You can win your money back in prizes & more!


Ashlyn Sicliano

Before I started working with Jacklyn, I had tried every crash diet, every workout and different coaches. I had been involved with 2 coaches who did not know I existed and told me that my lack of progress had nothing to do with my macros, and was because I was negative and clearly not working hard. I felt restricted and controlled by food. I remember messaging Jacklyn and she made me realize that I was being bullied and I should work with her so I can see how a coach should be. Ever since this message I have been working with her, I am even going on my 4th challenge as a client. I no longer hate food, I am able to form a lifestyle where I still enjoy what I want and yet don't have to enter every single bite into MyFitnessPal. She has completely changed my relationship with food and the gym and I have never felt more supported. I am the most confident and strong that I have ever been and I owe it all to Jacklyn and her programs.